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SEARCH Website Review & Ratings + BA Mason Shoes Coupons is an online store that focuses on discount footwear for men and women. BA Mason offers any type of footwear you can think of; footwear related products are the only products you will find at BA Mason, and it would be surprising if someone were to fail to locate any specific brand of shoes when roaming for products you are considering to purchase at BA Mason. BA Mason just recently started carrying sandals, completing their great selection in any kind of footwear. BA Mason caters much more to adults in specific, meaning a lot of their top brands aren't top brands judged by youth trying to look flashy. Durability and efficiency and efficiency are much better, more accurate ways to judge the quality of a good portion of the products. Here are some great examples of the countless top brands of footwear found at BA Mason:

  • Propet
  • Easy Spirit
  • Florsheim
  • New Balance
  • Leather Classics
  • Naturalizer
  • Clarks
  • Keds
  • Rockport
BA Mason Shoes: What makes it different?

An obvious big difference between BA Mason and other online shoe stores, is the direction in the type of people BA Mason caters to. As stated above, BA Mason carries shoes generally for adults. BA Mason sells shoes that have quality components in everything but fashion in styles that attract a younger audience. When browsing BA Mason's website, you will find a good selection of shoes that were made for looks, nonetheless. 

Here are the key components that make BA Mason different from other online shoe stores:

  • BA Mason has a huge selection of shoes
  • The company has been running since 1904, and has carried a good reputation throughout
  • BA Mason sells everything from slippers, to dress shoes, to sandals
  • The search engine is quick and efficient in narrowing down your results; it offers detailed options, allowing you to search without rummaging through unrelated footwear
  • They always offer the option of a catalog quick order, as a different method of purchase
BA Mason Shoes vs. primary competitors (sites similar to BA Mason Shoes)

In comparison to other suppliers, the biggest and most popular of all online shoe stores is Zappos not only sells footwear, but clothing in general, as well as handbags and beauty supplies, which BA Mason lacks, but they are still far more well known for their mass distribution of shoes and footwear. It is difficult for any online shoe store to compete with Zappos, because not only do they carry any shoe type you could think of, but their positive reputation is widely known by millions of people around the world.

Another leading shoe store is DSW specializes in only designer footwear, but consistently carries durable and quality products, and even carries designer products that cater to kids. The official and sophisticated look and style of DSW keeps them up to date in sales with their consistent prices. DSW also has an attractively animated webpage, and anyone that visits their online shop would not be driven away from the appearance. 

In comparison, the positive aspects of BA Mason still stand out. Prices from BA Mason have still said to be very cheap, and have compared with countless competitors positively. In addition, their website is quicker to navigate than any leading competitors. The fact that the company has been running since 1904, and is the website that repeatedly assures the customer of satisfaction, a good amount of purchases from remain.

BA Mason Shoes: Pricing & packages

As just stated above, the prices at BA Mason are generally positive in comparison. There have been no online reports of BA Mason having overly expensive pricing in comparison to any leading competitors. One thing to keep in mind, though, is there have been many complaints about BA Mason's customer support and shipping. The shipping can be an issue in regards to pricing; one angry customer ended up repeatedly paying for shipping for a product that kept arriving differently than he had expected. Although when looking through the catalog for BA Mason you will find consistently positive prices, the catalogs design can get confusing at times, making it hard to purchase items for some consumers.

Also, customers that decided to pay for 2 day shipping ended up angrily paying over $17 in order to receive their purchase abruptly. When it comes to the downsides of choosing BA Mason, it's doubtful that the products price itself will be the negative aspect of the experience.

BA Mason Shoes: Product images & screenshots
BA Mason Shoes Coupons
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BA Mason Shoes: Customer reviews & comments

Many customers have complained about the customer service when shopping from Employees have said to be inexperienced, and sometimes in a bad mood. The clumsy product packaging has been crucial to leave a happy customer extremely irritated. The shipping at BA Mason is the other aspect of the store that has got a lot of negative feedback.

Here are some good examples of complaints from real BA Mason customers:

"Terrible customer service. Rule number one, do not argue with a customer, make things right and you will keep them. Their catalog is extremely confusing. After three returns and paying for shipping each time, I still have no work boots and have spent enough on shipping. The product is great if you can actually get what you want."

A good rule of thumb is simple; as long as you successfully receive your product, you will probably walk away happy, unless you had a bad experience with an employee.

Best Available BA Mason Shoes Coupon:
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Customer Reviews
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BA Mason Shoes 2 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
James Nemcoes — 64 months ago
2.0 Star Rating: Needs Improvement
“BA Mason should stop getting shoes from China”

Placed an order for a pair of shoes, and then found out they were on back order. the order was placed on 8/11/2012 and was scheduled to ship on 9/5/2012. Order did not ship on time. Tried to get information about when they would be shipped, but got no shipping date after speaking with three different customer representatives. I ten cancelled the order. How is it that this company cannot put the customer in contact with someone that can give a deffinite ship date?

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